Lara Fabian is undoubtedly one of the best voices in the world. A one-of-a-kind lyricist, composer and singer, Fabian has been around for more than two decades with an unique way of crafting sounds that end up being worldwide sensations.

Lara is back with Camouflage, an album she calls more pop, “absolutely fun” without missing the message she wants to portray in each of the songs she wrote.

Proud of her craft and the time she is living here and now, previous to her first show of the Camouflage World Tour in Miami, which we will of course be witnessing, Lara Fabian sat with us to talk about her new music, her show, and what’s coming for her.

It’s an interview we absolutely adore, you can feel Lara’s love for her art in every word, her passion, it’s a joy to talk to her, The Camouflage World Tour will be our second time seeing her live, and we know for sure nobody will want to miss it, more information about the show can be found clicking here. 

Please do not miss Lara Fabian and Popticular, it’s a true pleasure:

You’re are an absolute brilliant composer not only in English but also in French, is it easier for you in a language in particular?

Thank you! I am Belgian-born, and an adopted  Canadian with a Flemish father and a Sicilian Mother. My daily life is filled with colors from different cultures and languages, from my early uprginging on. When I write a song, I do not deliberately think of choosing this or that language. The music defines the language almost naturally. Some songs “work” only in a particular language.  “I Will Love Again” is definitely an English song and probably wouldn’t have had the success it had if we did a French version.  And “Je t’aime” is a French song, not only though its lyrics but also through its musicality. Having said that, some songs work in multiple language versions too. Ultimately, it is the music, and the musicality of a song that defines the language of the lyrics.

Why the name Camouflage?

Camouflage is both the title of the album and also a song on the album. It speaks to our need to blend in, to connect with society. And at the same time, it is about our fears when standing out, of being “different” and, hence, being rejected as “the other.” So, we try to hide who we are, by blending into our environment, our society, and sometimes we erase our own colors. At the same time, looking at it from a positive angle, Camouflage is also our strength, our ability to adapt to different colors and establish a connection with our surroundings by becoming part of something that is bigger then ourselves.

There’s a song title that called my attention ‘Choose what you love the most (let it kill you)’ what was the inspiration behind that song?

I do not like to explain in detail the story of a song. I believe the lyrics speak for themselves;  I will only say that this songs talks about the choices we make, sometimes knowing that these choices will bring us in difficulty or cause us pain. But we choose them anyway. And this is part of life and of being alive. “Choose What You Love Most” is one of the tracks on this album, where my fans will likely recognize the connection with my older albums in terms of melodical structure as well as the dramatic aspect of the lyrics. 

Every artist is constantly searching for more, for new melodies and lyrics to express themselves, what is it for you? Do you feel there’s something that you would still want to try in music?

I have been writing , composing and performing songs for more than two decades now, and have no intention to stop. Music is part of who I am . By recently joining the Canadian edition of the TV show “The Voice” as a judge, I have also realized how much I love to transmit my experience and knowledge in music to the next generation. I evolve, as a woman, and as an artist. I believe my music reflects that; “Camouflage” is my first electro-pop album, which combines electronic sounds with organic orchestrations and, of course, my voice, which also evolves as I age. There will be more albums, more stories to tell, and more songs to write as long as there is an audience ready to listen to my music.

What does Camouflage mean to you, what would you want to portray to your audience?

Camouflage is above all a pop album. It was fun writing, composing and recording it. And I look forward to sharing the music on stage during my upcoming “Camouflage World Tour” and having fun with my audiences. My wish is that for the duration of two hours or so, we leave our worries and problems behind, and establish a connection  through the songs of “Camouflage” and the re-arranged versions of my other songs. I do what I do to connect with people , and my music and my voice are my instruments. I do not carry any other messages but love and respect.

We will be watching you on your opening night of the Camouflage US Tour in Miami. What can we expect?

It will be a show that resembles very much what you hear on this album. Very rich in sounds. We have a large band on stage, fantastic musicians and artists. We’ll also have updated and re-arranged live versions of songs from my previous albums. I believe everyone in the audience will find their “favorite” during the show, among the new songs, as well as the older ones. I believe this is going to be one of the most fun shows I have ever done, and I am really looking forward to this tour!

We can’t wait to see Lara Fabian live and know you can’t either, please join us at Fillmore Miami Beach on February 2nd!